Insurance Works of USA, Inc.

Connecticut Location:

(860) 482-9084

                             North Carolina Location:

(919) 348-4274

          Carrie (Maiorino) Pfistner, President                          

      Karl Pfistner - Chief Petty Officer - U.S. Navy Retired (27 yrs) --
Vice - President

We are licensed in CT, NC & FL

We've been in the insurance business for over 39 years -- We know how "insurance works"

Our agency is a multi-line and independent insurance agency.  Karl & Carrie are Professional Insurance Advisors in which they review your entire insurance portfolio to protect you from any hidden exposures.

Multi-line = We are fully licensed for every line of insurance to serve your needs.  Independent = We work for you, our client.  We are not employed by any insurance company like the good hands, a piece of the rock, a lizard,  a cartoon character, etc.  Therefore, we have the ability and authority to shop your policy/ies with many of our well respected national carriers to offer you the best rates.